Converge Help

Main Window

After you select a terminal on the Main window, three menu options are available on this page:
User Management
User Management allows you to Create Users and set up the access and permissions for them. Use the Find/Edit User menu option to locate individual users and to edit their information. The Change Password function allows you to change your own password, and the Change PIN function allows you to change the length and the format of your own PIN.

Account Settings
Account Settings gives you access to the IP Address Options page, where you can restrict access to this terminal to only the list of IP addresses you enter.


Terminal Management provides access to Merchant information, where you can set up the Terminal, Payment Form, and Printer information for your company. Payment Form allows you to set up forms such as Payment, Receipt, and Email forms. The Advance function allows you to set up the System, Error Messages and Business Rules. The options listed in the Terminal menu are: